#Fortunes 30 June.

If I was giving the opportunity to make an holiday, I was going to choose 30 June. It is the day where Kumlado Scope dropped it very Single by CubiKalton ft (Zaimarn). Every One is now on their tip of their toes. Waiting to comment or have reactions towards the single. I believe the track is more of an introduction as the Album will sooner drop under the title S.A.C.R.I.F.I.S.E.

Without SACRIFICES there would be no fortunes. all the sleepless night working on your Art while other are having a good time. Sacrifices of paying too much  of your attention on  what will  bring Fortunes. The title of the Song Just made me want to ask a little clip to feed my ears as I cant wait much longer- For fortunes.

#2Klasick #KumladoScope #1200BC #FreeStyle-Time 



  1. Its a count down, looking forward to hear this epic piece of work from my nigger , my boy, my ninja, and my hussler cubic


  2. All the best to kumlado scoope and I also wish kumlado artist good lucky to push ,what I can say guys your music is best what was left is to push all over the world not even one country but now ibelieve everything gona be under control by spreading all over ,

    I’m number1fan

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    • definitely we on that count down. lets count together.
      you can upload your own picture counting downing. Then we will include it to our blog page once done.

      Thank you.


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