Daily Post: Sling

12000 years B.C ago this was a powerful weapon to  protect your self. Centuries till now and still some use this catapult as a weapon. You know the story of David, and Goliath being defeated by a sling.

I can imagine how life could be if  all weapons were to treated like Art.  As we see some of the people of South Africa hang a catapult around their neck as necklace, for others they hang it inside their car at the front mirror hook as a decorative item.

Even bullets are turned to a chains but for-sure you will see more of this in the streets.  In the street we call a man’s private part a sling, it is a street jargon.

“She said she like my Sling”urlive_weapon_fanart___slingshot_by_alklaine-d8w84fa


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