Life in the Streets

Trust me. The streets is no longer good as it looks. This is where the music Play a huge roll in one’s life. We are aware that the street is made up of all the survival techniques, not forgetting that it can also swallow you to death and nobody will even remember that you ever existed, Maybe the walls and the streets corners will remember you, thus only if you are in the heart of the streets.

The term “streets” We not mainly referring to the passages between walls, or the public roads in the town or village. But the terms “streets” We refer to the Respect, and being loyal while being streetwise,  and taking any opportunity that comes up with Mandelas or Benjamins, always vigilant to the to spot a double cross from the next person, group, class, state , nation, etc.

I cannot tell much about  politics, economics, accounting, investments and any other field of study, however  I can tell you a lot about the streets, having all the survival techniques and all the deadly techniques that have never been reported or never been imagined by the guy wearing a suit. What do you really expect? I wear a suit this is not the old ages way of reasoning. stereotypical thought of street running, where it is seen as a must to sag your pants if you walk the streets, tattoos all over your body,  and more on that has been said to be the culture of the streets and  the hip/hop culture,  and sweep away the core function of hip hop as music, Where we learned a lot from it than any institute. Through the streets I have seen it that all field of study applies the everyday life of living in the streets. TO us it is street basic knowledge

First of all, the motive of the streets is make money MONEY. How?

Have more than one source of income.

choose your 3 faces right.

Not every one is your friend ( and not every one is your enemy)

keep streetwise boyfriends and girlfriends the will also be able to spot an opportunity.

Read and write because the street is no longer good as it looks, and most Authors have merely small knowledge about the streets yet become best sellers.

20something century street runners.


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